UEC has teamed with CARBIZ AUTOS to provide you with the opportunity to win a 2004 Cadillac SRX.  Simply purchase a $10 raffle ticket to be entered to win.  The drawing will be held on September 4th, 2008 at 6:00 p.m. at Carbiz Autos located at 6001 Reisterstown Road, Baltimore, MD 21215.

Automobile Details:

Year:           2004
Make:         Cadillac
Model:        SRX
Milage:       39,770
VIN:            1GYEE637040180471
Proceeds are to support United Educational Corporation
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Contest Rules:

Raffle tickets are $10 per ticket.  All purchased raffle ticket stubs will be placed in a drum for the random drawing on September 4th, 2008.  A representative from CARBIZ AUTOS will randomly select three (3) tickets from the drum.  The first ticket drawn is the winner.  The second and third tickets will be the first runner-up and second runner-up respectively.  The winning ticket number will be posted on on September 5th, 2008.  The winner has five (5) days to claim the vehicle.  Should the winner not come forward or opts out of the prize for any reason - the first runner-up will be deemed the winner.  Should the first runner-up not come forward or opts out of the prize for any reason - the second runner-up will be deemed the winner.  If the winner and both runner-ups fail to claim the prize, a new drawing will be held on September 10th, 2008 at 6:00 p.m.  without the ticket stubs for the previous winner and runner-ups.

UEC reserves the right to cancel the drawing should it fail to sell a minimum of 1,600 raffle tickets prior to the date of the first drawing.  If UEC cancels the drawing all winners will be notified via telephone and/or email of the cancellation.  In the event of such cancellation, the original ticket purchaser can request a refund of the purchased raffle ticket for the donated amount of ten dollars ($10) by forwarding the purchased raffle ticket to UEC via mail or in-person.  ALL REFUND REQUESTS MUST BE RECEIVED WITHIN THIRTY (30) DAYS OF THE CANCELLATION.  If a request for refund is not received within thirty (30) days, the monies donated at ticket purchase will be deemed an in-kind donation to UEC.

UEC agrees to sell a maximum of three thousand five hundred (3,500) raffle tickets for the above mentioned drawing.  Therefore, each raffle ticket sold will have at minimum a 1 / 3,500 chance of winning the prize (assumes maximum number of tickets sold). 

The winner of the prize will be responsible for any and all taxes & vehicle registration fees as determined by their home state.