"Mr. Day has gone above & beyond the call of duty for our school and children"
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- Maryland Delegate, Shawn Tarrant

"Students who participate complete their homework, but also participate in a series of physical activities that keep them fit"
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-School Principal, Dr. Thomas Shepley

"I have witnessed first-hand the excellent job that United Educational Corporation has done for children"
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School Board President, Brian Morris

"I get positive reviews and feedback from children and parents on a daily basis regarding the benefits of the program"
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-School Principal, Steve Buettner

"Matt has always been good about using his energy to mix education with sports programs, so that even children who don't want to participate - take the step towards a healthier life"
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-Parent, Wendy Stein

"He (Matthew Day) truly earns the respect of both his students as well as their parents. I have observed him handle children from pre-K through sixth grade, and it never ceases to amaze me how well he is able to work with all ages"
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-PTO President, Monika Springer Schnell

"Matthew Day has touched the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of children. He uses the gym space, not only to fulfill th physical requirements of the curriculum, but to teach respect and responsibility to children through sports"
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-Parent, Gregg Nass

"Andrew enjoys going to Sports Club after school. Your quiet leadership in gym class and Sports Club inspires the children to want to do the best they can"
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-Parent & PTO Member, Kelly Meck

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